Former professional dancer turned fitness expert focused on empowering diverse communities through a functional, yet holistic approach.

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Using functional movements, Deja helps you achieve your body goals through fun and accessible fitness routines.

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dance out of the box


Dance Out of the Box

DANCE OUT OF THE BOX is a fitness method created by Host of PopSugar's Dance FitSugar + NASM-CPT, Deja Riley. It combines dance + shadowboxing giving you a high energy, rhythmic workout that is bound to make you smile while you sweat!


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dance out of the box


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Deja is a fireball of energy. Watch her combine her love for dance, fitness and more on her YouTube channel.


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Smile While You Sweat

Looking for an inclusive community focused on body positivity? Deja has built an inspirational community of people who know working out doesn’t have to be a chore.

Fitness is by no means one-size fits all, and her Sweaty Smile Squad apply her positive methods, cheer each other on and find the motivation to lean into their best selves one workout at a time.

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From the squad

I end up constantly journaling your class quotes. They help my meditations. Thanks for being you!


This morning, I got my butt out of bed early and did one of your C&S classes on demand. It was the BEST way to start my day! Thankful for your energy!


I love that you bring a positive quote to class. It becomes my mantra during class and I try to carry it through my day. Thanks for all you do and for making a difference.


You motivate me like no other fitness instructor ever has. So happy to be part of the Sweaty Smile Squad!!!


You are so great at what you do. I have severe anxiety and I pop in your Mirror workouts and Boom! instant relief and it's not just the workout, it's the things you say. So thank you for that. You're my fave.


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